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Draft RBN factsheets and summaries + PM factsheets - updated Dicember 2012


1. Both the RBN and the PM factsheets are posted online on the RBN Platform. RBN partners are invited to comment on both sets of factsheets (for four measures the factsheets overlap: Buffer strips, wetlands, plant cover in winter and spreading fertilizer and manure, however, the content of the factsheets differs to some degree). It will be particularly valuable to receive comments that would further improve the usefulness of the factsheets for practitioners, including the answer to the following questions:

      -   do the factsheets answer questions that you would have in the process of selecting and designing measures in PoM?

      -   if not, what questions would you like to see answered in the factsheets?

      -   what information that is missing would be particularly useful for you?

2. RBN Members are invited to also improve their contributions by matching the content to the level of detail of the highlighted examples in the factsheets (these examples are highlighted in yellow). If matching level of information is not available partners should explain why. If further details are available that were not available in the drafting of the initial factsheets, partners are invited to update them.

3. RBN Members who have not contributed to the factsheets because the measures are not relevant in their area, are also invited to provide some feedback in writing on why these measures are not applicable or do not work well in their area. This will highlight better the pros and cons of individual measures.

DRAFT Factsheet on Buffer Strips DRAFT summary on Buffer Strips
DRAFT Factsheet on Wetlands DRAFT summary on Wetlands
DRAFT Factsheet on Water Abstraction DRAFT summary on Water Abstraction
DRAFT Factsheet on Reduced Fertilization DRAFT summary on Reduced Fertilization
DRAFT Factsheet on Spreading of Fertilizer and Manure DRAFT summary on Spreading of Fertilizer and Manure
DRAFT Factsheet on Catch Crops DRAFT summary on Catch Crops
DRAFT Factsheet on Plant Cover DRAFT summary on Plant Cover
DRAFT Factsheet on Application of Manure DRAFT summary on Application of Manure
DRAFT Factsheet on Manure Storage DRAFT summary on Manure Storage
DRAFT Factsheet on Reduced Tillage DRAFT summary on Reduced Tillage


PM Factsheets (comments and contributions can be sent to Ana Frelih Larsen -

1. Buffer strips

2. Establishment and preservation of wetlands

3. Targeted creation of woodland

4. Arable land conversion

5. Avoid spreading fertilizer and manure at high risk times and places

6. Crop rotation

7. Plant cover in winter (including catch crops)

8. Water pricing

9. Water allocation

10. Water metering

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