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River Basin Network Workshop – 26-27 January 2012 – Zaragoza (Spain)

The River Basin Network Workshop took place in Zaragoza on 26 & 27 January 2012.

The aim of the workshop was to take stock of the work done by the River Basin Network in 2011, develop further exchanges around measures and specific issues to complete factsheets and feed into the Pressures & Measures Study, and to agree on the detailed work plan for the first half of 2012.

Please see below for the Agenda of the Workshop (including links to the presentations), the list of Registered Participants and the Minutes. You can also access all presentations given during the Workshop in the Folder below.

Summary and Timetable of Next Step (also included on the last page of the Minutes):

• By 3 February 2012 the date and location for the next RBN meeting are confirmed.

• 6-10 February 2012: Ana Frelih-Larsen and Johanna von der Weppen (Ecologic Institute) request contributions from partners through bilateral contact to complete information on (existing) measure factsheets. Ecologic also sends factsheet templates with specific questions for all the new measures (the additional RBN measures and the new PM measures).
Meanwhile, if you are interested in contributing to these factsheets, please get started on gathering preliminary information.

    - RBN partners are asked to send contributions to the working group on cost-effectiveness
      to Helen Taylor and Paul Bryson in writing by 17 February 2012.
    - Telephone conference for the working group on cost-effectiveness takes place 23rd of
      February at 15.00 CET • By 24 February 2012: RBN partners send their written
      contributions and responses • 27 Feb - 2 March 2012: follow-up between Ecologic
      Institute and RBN partners through phone calls to clarify and finalize factsheets.
      This will be a period of intense contact.

• 3 -9 March: Ecologic Institute finalizes factsheets and integrates partners’ comments

• 9 March: Ecologic Institute has completed factsheets

• 19 - 20 March: A scientific meeting within the Pressures and Measures Study takes place in Brussels to gather feedback and insights from a small number of key scientists with expertise in the area of effectiveness of agricultural measures.

• By early March 2012: structure of paper for the working group on Financing of agricultural measures in the PoM (WG2) is determined and partners are invited to contribute

• End of May: first draft of report for the working group on Financing of agricultural measures in the PoM (WG2) is completed

• April / May: first draft structure of report is prepared for working groups Indicators to monitor the Implementation of the PoM (WG1), Comparison of policies and implementation to reduce diffuse agricultural pollution (WG6), and Farmers involvement, strategies and experiences (WG3)


Agenda Zaragoza 2012

List of registered Participants


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